Reading Response to ‘On Sentimentality’

Courtesy of ‘Warscapes’ website, this thirteen-minute read, is about sentimentality. A passionate person is one who lets their decision to be governed by their emotions. They care less about logic. The article focuses on sentimental decisions that have been made in the United States. Of particular interest is the paragraph about Humans of New York blog.

The Humans of New York blog’s initial intention was to create an exhaustive catalogue of people who live New York City. However, it is irrelevant today because it fails to address real political matters that carry the day. Its pretentious manner lies in the fact that one person attempts to represent New York’s diversity. It is the most biased approach that a blog can take as it only features images of those people that it feels comfortable with for interaction. In this way, not all people are represented by the blog. It overlooks the immediacy of social inequalities and instead presents its sentimentalities.

The fact that this blog fails to accommodate each person’s opinions makes one doubt its authenticity as a blog. The administrators take it upon themselves to pull down posts that criticize the images posted. They even block critique comments. Such actions are accurate definitions of emotionally fueled activities. Sentimentalists ignore such details and instead shower the photographer with praise for his photographic talent.

In a nutshell, individuals need to engage all senses in when faced with a situation. Talents should be used to communicate without bias. Differences of opinion should be tolerated since there are as many points of view about a situation as there are human beings on the planet. Individuals are encouraged to love justice and loathe imperium.